Creating New Habits

Last week I mentioned that I've gone back to school for the next year and a half or so. This week I am knees deep in assignments to get done.

My usual way of dealing with a lot of stress is by running around telling people I'm really stressed and then I eat. I eat my stress. Then I look at my to do list with a sense of loss that I can't do what I need to do because I'm so stressed. Smart aye?

During this time of change I am making a conscious effort to enjoy this process of change and create healthy habits around the work that needs to get done. Today has been one those days that is testing my commitment to this new approach. The internet has gone down. My computer is full and refuses to run the programs that I need. And I've had too much caffeine. ufda.

Today, instead of the old habits that are bursting to make there way into my day, I decided to take a walk with my girl Sophie after getting what I could get done done. It was hard to walk away from the pressures of getting my work done but when I am this frustrated I want to make bad decisions. Another cup of coffee. A trip to the store for popcorn. It took a while to unravel from the frustrations that my day had brought on but taking time to reconnect with nature and my dog was the best medicine. I was able to come back to my table with a new perspective and new feelings in my body.

I didn't get every thing done on my list but I was proud of the decisions I made.

What sort of habits are you creating or reinforcing today?