Sonima Wellness

Here in Vail, Colorado we are still experiencing winter like conditions i.e. snow. This time of year drives me a little crazy. I'm in that spring time mode where I've done my spring cleaning and I'm ready to get back into my summertime habits of hiking, crossfit, and painting on my deck. Instead I am still doodling at the table and hanging with my friend Scott over on website became live late last year and has become a place I go for some workout guidance. I've been a fan of Pete Egoscue's work for a few years now and incorporate his system of movement into my everyday life. Recently I have needed a good overall workout to get me back into good spirits. Below you will find the video with Scott that goes thru a full body mobility workout. It's great for all age levels and abilities. I find that my creativity and my love of movement are tied up together so I can't seem to do one without the other.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.