The Winery at Bull Run

Laura Here! Wanted to share with you some pictures of my recent trip to D.C. to visit my best friend from childhood and to take a Thai Massage class.

The entire trip was wonderful but the day we had at The Winery at Bull Run was extra special. That day reminded me of the importance to go with the flow and forget my to do list. 


The winery at Bull Run is set out in amongst the rolling hills of Virginia not far from the hustle of D.C. When we pulled into the parking lot it looked like everyone in D.C. had come for the day. Me being a mountain girl who doesn't like crowd cringed as I saw the sea of cars. Once we were inside it didn't feel crowded but instead vibrant. It was one of those spring days that even the grouchiest person had to smile. Mother Nature was offering her best.

These were a few of my favorite people. The man with the red shoes was beaming with joy or wine. The two girls in this picture were some of my favorite dressed ladies there.


Then there was Melissa. Isn't she a FOX!

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