Shooting with Soul Exercise 1

Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave arrived in my post box last week and I am so excited to share with you what I have learned so far.

book cover- Shooting with SOul


Recently I have been hungry for direction with my camera (and all things creative based). I often get lost with thoughts of fear when I pick up a camera. I judge myself. I compare myself. I become unworthy of such fun pursuits before I even begin. How silly is that! Moving past the fears sometimes is really easy and sometimes fear gets the better of me. This book is providing me with guidance to see past my fears that blur my vision and find focus on what it is I'd like to capture.

The first exercise of the book asks us to Discover Who We Are by taking a picture of our self.  This led me to think about what I do appreciate about my body instead of the normal conversation of what I dislike about my body.

I came up with my hands. My hands are my livelihood. They provide an income. They provide comfort to others. They make noise to celebrate others. They make dinner. They feel love.  And sometimes they make gestures (sorry but yes sometimes they do).

I've captioned some of my photos as a reminder of what I like to look for when I put my eye to the camera. The last pic is a bit blurry as I was a bit scared to take it. I wanted to share it to remind myself that not everything is always so peachy for everyone including me and that this too shall pass.