New discoveries

For years I've had a shy fascination with photography. I say shy because the conversation in my head was along the lines that I wasn't a photographer, that I didn't know enough about it to enjoy it, or some other defeating comment. Last week I found myself pressing the send button on a major order of photography equipment under the guise of learning how to do real estate photography. Then I ordered the lense that I've been foaming at the mouth for-Spark by lense baby! You know when you get a new toy or discover a new recipe that changes your entire outlook on things? Well getting Spark did that for me! Man is it fun!
So far my biggest lesson with my creative endeavors is to keep it relaxed and have fun. Taking the thought of this needs to be professional and perfect out of my processes has led me to being able to enjoy being creative for the sake of enjoyment.
In the coming blogs I hope to share more of the playful spark pictures that are appearing on my camera!