Laura's scavenger hunt pictures (part 1)

I'm going a little back to front on the timeline of our road trip pictures but these five capture some of the finer moments. The entire trip we were bathed in fog and it was glorious. Driving down the coast and thru the fog invited dreams of warm cups of tea and spicy soups. The change of seasons for me feels like I'm being romanced into an afternoon nap. We caught the Pacific Northwest at her prime.

The southern parts of the Oregon coast has been a place were my moms family came to unwind which she carried on the tradition to us. We may had not gone very often growing up but the times we spent going there left a warm vivid marker in my memories.

The best part of traveling close to winter is that there is NO ONE on the roads or at the beaches. It was so lovely to have her all to ourselves. It felt more intimate and private.

More photos to come.