Kathy's Discovery of Alcohol Ink

I was first introduced to alcohol inks while at a street festival in my hometown.  There was a tent set up for mini art classes.  A passerby could watch the proceedings. I was only able to watch for a few minutes as I was under a time constraint.  However, my whole being was instantly filled with joy and wonder as I watched the magic of the inks on yupo paper.  I, of course, did not know the name of the products being used at that point.  I just knew that I was hooked.  It took me months to find out who sponsored that tent and even longer to find out where I could take a class.  My first class was in January and I haven't looked back since.  I now have set up an art studio with my daughter on our property and have happily spent a small fortune on alcohol ink supplies.  My heart is happy. 


photos by Liz DaSilva