We are full swing into summer. Thankfully!

The last few weeks had me on the road to Vegas and Aspen. I've had a much much needed rest and recharge at the Wanderlust Festival with the wonderful Elena Brower. (If you don't know who she is please find out.) Vegas brought much laughter and a hell of a lot of walking. Here is what happened at the International Beauty Show in Vegas.


My coworker, over at the Westin Resort and Spa, Meliana is a make-up artist and a damn good one. She needed a model for her makeup class and I had to oblige.



While Meliana took make-up classes I went to some marketing classes. In my first class the instructor asked a woman behind me a question and I turn to find a good friend that I had lost touch with way too long ago. The day found us at happy hour then dancing until 2:30am. I don't remember the last time I saw that part of the night!

happy hour

The weekend that we were in Vegas so was 100,000 electronic music fans. Our happy hour spot just happened to be near the bus stop that was taking people to the music venue. There were many of us starring in awe. The bottom right photo is my favorite. I had watched this what I thought was a mother and son sit on the water fountain while the son drank a yard of beer and looked like he was headed to the party. It was so entertaining. There is such a variety of life out there.



I'll post an Aspen update soon.

The Winery at Bull Run

Laura Here! Wanted to share with you some pictures of my recent trip to D.C. to visit my best friend from childhood and to take a Thai Massage class.

The entire trip was wonderful but the day we had at The Winery at Bull Run was extra special. That day reminded me of the importance to go with the flow and forget my to do list. 


The winery at Bull Run is set out in amongst the rolling hills of Virginia not far from the hustle of D.C. When we pulled into the parking lot it looked like everyone in D.C. had come for the day. Me being a mountain girl who doesn't like crowd cringed as I saw the sea of cars. Once we were inside it didn't feel crowded but instead vibrant. It was one of those spring days that even the grouchiest person had to smile. Mother Nature was offering her best.

These were a few of my favorite people. The man with the red shoes was beaming with joy or wine. The two girls in this picture were some of my favorite dressed ladies there.


Then there was Melissa. Isn't she a FOX!

Head on over to my Massage and Yoga blog for more information on Thai Massage.



Hello stranger!
Recently we've taken a wee blog posting break due to high amounts of summer activities. A Colorado summer is something to treasure especially when one lives at 8,150 feet and summer seems to go so quickly.


At the beginning of June I, Laura, decided to try a paleo challenge. Paleo eating is eating only animal protein, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds. No sugar. No dairy. No processed foods. No legumes. No grains. No soy. And I've truly loved it. Today is the 26th day and I haven't had a stomach ache or joint pain since I began. This is huge for me!

I've also taken the month to cook and eat at home as well as to nourish myself completely. Ive doodled on a regular basis. I've been on the trail most days watching my dog run gleefully back and forth from one thing to another. I've gone to crossfit regularly. I've connected with friends regularly. And finally, I ate a lot of amazing food!

This evening as I was getting ready to go out, a little voice whispered, 'you've finally come home'. I truly feel that I am making a home inside this body and in this wild and precious life.

I can't wait to share some summer pictures and projects with you!

A Chicken Sandwich with a lettuce wrap from Larkburger. It's mom's favorite place to eat!

A Chicken Sandwich with a lettuce wrap from Larkburger. It's mom's favorite place to eat!