From the Wizard of Oz: 

"You've had it all along."

-Glenda the Good Witch

"But why didn't you tell her before?"


"She had to learn it for herself."


We are on!!! Come one over and check us out!

Just as Dorothy had to discover that she held her own power and passion so too must we all journey to our truest selves. 

This is our inspiration: The Journey as Art Form. 


 We are Kathy and Laura Eilers, mother and daughter who consider themseves lucky to be on a journey together.

 We’ve combined our efforts, passion, and love for creating into greeting cards, tags, notebooks, journals, and prints.  Our aim is not only to produce lovely products but to also inspire people to expand their horizon and connect with their creative side.

Our work is based on alcohol ink original paintings that are sometimes layered with graphic art.  The end result is a vibrant, rich, eye pleasing product that is bound to capture the heart.

 Not too long ago we saw each other struggling on our respective paths distracting ourselves with what we thought we should be doing.  It was easier to see in another this avoidance and fear of expression. Once we recognized it in each other we were able to look into ourselves and a transformation began. We were allowed the freedom of expression and the ability to honor our creative process without fear or judgement.

This is our inspiration:   True art is simply allowing yourself to express yourself.

It takes courage to let go and allow the creative process to take over.

It takes heart to be gentle and kind when in that vulnerable state of creating.

It takes letting go of the mind and that inner critic who wants you to stop for fear of failure or even scarier: success.


Once we realized, all of this we experimented and explored and we found our mediums and then, not surprisingly, our true voice. It then became clear that our combined voices felt even more real and true, and collaboration became part of the art. 

This is our inspiration:  To use our creations to inspire others to create.